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Flavors that connect with the land

At Ores, we offer all the tradition and variety of authentic Spanish charcuterie, in a catalog of over 200 references that adapts to today’s consumer.

All origins. All breeds.
All formats.
Mapa de España

With large, highly-technified facilities, they produce cured meats with all the quality and food safety guarantees.

Their specialty lies in crafting Iberian and Duroc hams and shoulders, providing a close, reliable service.

The most ancient curing cellar in the region. Here, Iberian hams and shoulders are elaborated by hand as it has been done for generations, with patience and craftmanship.

Equipped with the latest technologies and extensive production capacity, they integrate all aspects from slaughter to deboning and distribution of fresh, cured, cooked, and processed products.

From modern and automated facilities, CLC specializes in drying, deboning, and slicing of cured meats. All processes are carried out with rigorous and precise methods.

Curing cellar for White pig hams and shoulders, equipped with technified and secure facilities, and extensive production capacity.

Production of premium and ECO cooked products. They combine craftmanship processes with the most advanced technologies to produce high-quality cooked products.

They have specially conditioned facilities for the drying of white pig hams and shoulders, always ensuring safety.

They have facilities specifically prepared for the drying of white pig hams and shoulders, always ensuring safety.

The biggest value
of our charcuterie

Hams and Shoulders

We master the seven types of ham. From white pork to 100% acorn-fed Iberian, we cover all breeds in a comprehensive and high-quality selection.

Cooked, smoked and
processed products

We treat every product with the greatest care. We slow-cook the best selection of white and Iberian pork, to bring you a wide catalogue with all the most complete warranty of trust.

Cured meats

We preserve the taste of the traditional Spanish charcuterie. We combine craftsmanship and innovation to offer you a wide and reliable selection of cured meats.

Animal welfare







We know the sector. We adapt to it.

Our solutions respond to the specific needs of each sales channel: we anticipate any market changes and adapt our formats to your business.

Fill your display shelves with a wide variety of quality charcuterie products. We know the consumer, and we are constantly innovating with improved formats.

We create stable and trusting relationships with our customers. We listen to your needs and respond to them with a flexible and varied catalogue.

Extend your menu with the best selection of cured and cooked meats. A complete assortment, adapted to the foodservice sector, that is bound to surprise even the most demanding palate.

We reach more than 35 markets, with a safe, varied and adapted product selection to the specific requirements of each country.

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