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We are present in more than 30 countries

We bring the entire tradition of Spanish charcuterie around the world. To do this, we adapt our offer to each of the markets and comply with some of the strictest regulations. European Union, China, Korea, Japan, LATAM, North America… Whatever the country, we are ready.

Discover our High Pressure Processing system

Did you know that this is the only valid method for exporting to markets such as the North American one? The technique involves submerging the finished and packaged product in water, at a constant pressure of 6,000 bars. This way, microorganisms are inactivated without the use of chemical additives or temperature, offering the best organoleptic experience with the highest guarantee of safety.

1901: our brand for the international market

With 1901, we bring all the goodness of Spanish charcuterie to the tables of consumers around the world: a catalog that we adapt to meet the consumption models of each country, with specific formats and the utmost confidence.

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