We cover all breeds

From white pig to the magnificent 100% acorn-fed Iberian pig. A complete range, extended with the best selection of poultry cooked meats, so that you can offer your customers the perfect gastronomic experience for any occasion and palate.

White pig

Coming from the best crossbreeds of Pietrain, Large White, and Landrace, white pigs offer lean meat with a mild and pleasant flavor. We raise our animals in perfectly conditioned farms, with a diet based on our own optimized feed according to their characteristics and growth.

Duroc pig

An increasingly popular breed, resulting from the crossbreeding between Old Duroc and Red Jersey, and the only one approved for breeding with the Iberian. These animals, which we raise in the best conditions of welfare and with a diet adapted to their growth and development, have a very high infiltration capacity, offering juicy meat with an intense flavor.

Iberian Cebo pig

A unique animal, with special genetics: it has a very high infiltration capacity, which results in tender, juicy and very mellow meat. We raise our pigs in specially conditioned, low-density farms, with our own feed made from cereals and legumes.

Acorn-fed Iberian pig

The jewel of our gastronomy. A very special animal that, during the “montanera” period, freely roams through the meadows, feeding on acorns and wild herbs. All of this results in meat that is perfectly marbled, with an intense and nuanced flavor, and delicious fat rich in oleic acid.


Our chicken and turkey cooked products come from animals that have been raised on modern farms with the maximum welfare and biosafety guarantees. Throughout their rearing, they are nourished with our own feed, which has been adapted to their own characteristics and stages of growth.